Dr Emily Liddell


Dr Emily Liddell’s passion for Chiropractic started from a very young age. She was brought up using a range of alternative healthcare and was able to feel the benefits that each had and how they have helped her throughout her life. In her final year of high school her sister Shae was studying Chiropractic, being blown away by the knowledge Shae had gained and taught Emily she decided that this was the path that she was passionate about taking in her life.

Emily has a passion for helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. She is interested in TMJ issues, sinus’ congestion, sports and rehabilitation in all levels of fitness and adjusting beautiful families from all ages – young and old.

She is inspired by her patients, being able to help them achieve the highest possible level of spinal and overall health and wellness that they can. She loves teaching her patients about how the nervous system and spine works and how extraordinary the body is.

 Emily spent 5 years studying her Bachelor of Health Science Chiropractic and Masters of clinical Chiropractic at RMIT. She has completed further studies in Sacro-Occiput Technique (SOT), Cranials and recently completing her advanced module in TMJ.

” I find an extremely important part of treatment is patient education and giving my patients rehabilitation exercises to help them strengthen and support their spine and body”. Helping restore normal movement patterns and targeting muscles that aren’t functioning in the roles that they were designed to play. She has found that working in conjunction with different sporting and fitness groups that she has been able to help them achieve there sporting goals and strengthen the biomechanics of their spine.  

Dr Emily uses a range of different techniques to cater her treatments specifically to the patient she is treating. She finds using a range of different low force techniques can be very beneficial to the patient and to their journey of better health. “Chiropractic doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating, if you are afraid of manual adjusting there are numerous techniques that we can use to help return normal movement patterns back into the spine.”

She is passionate about helping the community achieve the best possible level of health they can reach and helping them maintain this level of health. Dr. Emily enjoys volunteering in small villages in Bali, working to educate, inspire and treat villagers on spinal health. “The thing I love about Chiropractic is that I can help my patients with improving the health and function of their spines, restore movement, strengthen muscles and help reduce pain mechanism”.

After being adjusted from a young age, Dr Emily has a passion to be able to do the same for all her patients, in the future she wishes to do further studies in Paediatrics and Sports Chiropractic.

 She looks forward to helping you on your path to achieving your lifestyle and wellness goals.


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic)
  • Master of Clinical Chiropractic


  • Monday-Saturday at Indah Health Frankston

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