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Reflexology works on the philosophy that the feet, hands, face and ears have reflex points that correspond to every part of the body, and by applying the right pressure and technique to these points you clear the blockages, helping restore normal function to the corresponding organ. Clearing of the blockages restores cellular equilibrium by improving the quality of circulation of the blood, lymphatic system and nervous system functioning.

A reflexology treatment involves a full history, footbath and unique techniques to the lower leg and foot. It is ideal to wear loose fitting clothing.

So sit back and relax with reflexology, and feel rejuvenated!

1 Hour Session

- Soothing Foot bath

- Facial Reflexology

- Foot Reflexology

- Use of high grade therapeutic essential oils


30 minute Reflexology Session

- Your Choice of Facial or Foot Reflexology

- Foot Bath with foot reflexology

- Use of high grade therapeutic essential oils


Fun Foot Fact: 

Each foot has 26 bones, more than 100 ligaments and 19 muscles and over 200,000 nerve endings.

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